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Time + location weekly problem sessions

Time Location Assistant
Monday 8.45-10.30 HG00.086 Joris den Elzen
Monday 8.45-10.30 HG00.308 Marco Hernandez
Monday 8.45-10.30 HG01.028 Ward Theunisse
Monday 8.45-10.30 HG02.032 Timo Maarse
Monday 10.45-12.30 HFML0220 Aldo Gunning

Planning weekly problem sessions

available assignment deadline solutions
7-9 Weekly assignment 1 (tex) 13-9, 18.00
14-9 Weekly assignment 2 (tex) 20-9, 18.00
21-9 Weekly assignment 3 (tex) 27-9, 18.00
28-9 Weekly assignment 4 (tex) 4-10, 18.00
5-10 Weekly assignment 5 (tex) 11-10, 18.00
12-10 Weekly assignment 6 (tex) 18-10, 18.00
19-10 Weekly assignment 7 (tex) 25-10, 18.00
26-10 Weekly assignment 8 (tex) 15-11, 18.00
16-11 Weekly assignment 9 22-11, 18.00
23-11 Weekly assignment 10 29-11, 18.00
30-11 Weekly assignment 11 6-12, 18.00
7-12 Weekly assignment 12 13-12, 18.00
14-12 Weekly assignment 13 10-01, 18.00
22-12 Weekly assignment 14 17-01, 18.00


Solutions are to be submitted individually : you may collaborate with someone else on the assignments, but each student has to write down and submit his/her own solution. Your solution will be graded as follows:

  • Non-satisfactory grades: these grades do not qualify for getting the bonus point.
    • NSI: 'Niet serieus ingeleverd'. You did not hand in anything or something that only shows the most limited amount of attention. These will not be further provided with feedback.
    • O(nvoldoende): The result is of such a poor quality that it would result in very few points on the exam.
    • M(atig): The result would get you some points on the exam, but you would need to invest additional time to get a passing grade.
  • Satisfactory grades: with these grades you will earn 0.1 bonus point:
    • V(oldoende): This result means your work is of sufficient quality for the exam.
    • G(oed): Well done!

You can hand in your assignment electronically via Blackboard. If you hand in your assignments electronically, please use PDF or plain text if possible. Scans of diagrams should preferably be provided as JPEG or PNG and should of course be legible (making scans is free for students in peage). Please do come to the problem sessions to ask any questions. During these classes we will also discuss the solutions to the exercises of the previous week.