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Lecture notes

The lecture notes are basically a printer-friendly and annotated version of the lecture slides. They also contain exercises and solutions. I strongly recommend that you test your knowledge by solving these exercises and comparing your solutions to the provided ones.

Lecture notes (PDF)

Last year's lecture notes

Here I also provide the lecture notes from last year. Disclaimer: This year the lecture notes could change, either very little, or completely. Use last year's notes for information only.

Lecture notes 2016 (PDF)

Lecture slides

Please see the Schedule page to download the lecture slides.

Error log (a.k.a. the hall of shame)

With some probability, my lecture slides will contain mistakes that I will only discover when I am showing them to you (or perhaps not even then!). I will do my best to prevent such mistakes, but most importantly, I will fix them right after the lecture and put the revised material up. Below I list which slides were modified after the lecture.