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Master courses

NWI-I00032 6 ec Advanced Programming
NWI-IMC009 6 ec Automated Reasoning
NWI-IMC012 6 ec Bayesian Networks
NWI-I00054 6 ec Cognition and Representation
NWI-IMC004 6 ec Compiler Construction
NWI-IMC039 6 ec Cryptographic Engineering
NWI-I00155 6 ec Design of Embedded Systems
NWI-I00035 6 ec Foundations of Information Systems
NWI-IMC001 6 ec Hardware Security
NWI-IMI001 6 ec ICT in a different culture
NWI-I00041 6 ec Information Retrieval
NWI-IMC037 6 ec Intelligent systems in medical imaging
NWI-IMC006 6 ec Law in Cyberspace
NWI-IMC030 6 ec Machine Learning in Practice
NWI-IMC049 3 ec MFoCS Seminar
NWI-IMC046 6 ec Model Checking
NWI-IMC042 6 ec Natural Computing
NWI-IMI003 3 ec Philosophy and Ethics for Computing & Information Science
NWI-I00136 6 ec Privacy Seminar
NWI-I00152 3 ec Research methods (master course)
NWI-IMC044 6 ec Research Seminar Data Science
NWI-IMC045 6 ec Research Seminar Software Science
NWI-I00153 6 ec Security in Organisations
NWI-IMC011 6 ec Semantics and Domain Theory
NWI-IMC035 6 ec Software Analysis
NWI-IMI004 6 ec Software Development Entrepreneurship
NWI-IMC052 6 ec Software Development in Start-ups - merged with NWI-IMI004
NWI-ISOFSE 6 ec Software Security
NWI-IMC021 6 ec System Development Management
NWI-IMK010 3 ec Systems Approaches to Information and Organizations
NWI-I00110 6 ec Testing Techniques
NWI-IMC010 6 ec Type Theory and Coq