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NWI-IMC050 5 ec Advanced Network Security
NWI-I00032 6 ec Advanced Programming
NWI-IBC027 6 ec Algorithms and Data Structures
NWI-IPI004 6 ec Assertion and Argumentation
NWI-IMC009 6 ec Automated Reasoning
NWI-IBC033 12 ec Bachelor Thesis
NWI-IMC012 6 ec Bayesian Networks
NWI-IBC036 6 ec Big Data
NWI-IBC017 3 ec Calculus and Probability Theory
NWI-I00054 6 ec Cognition and Representation
NWI-IBC016 3 ec Combinatorics
NWI-IBI005 6 ec Community Outreach Project
NWI-IMC004 6 ec Compiler Construction
NWI-IBC028 3 ec Complexity
NWI-IBC003 3 ec Computability
NWI-IBC025 3 ec Computation Models
NWI-IMC039 6 ec Cryptographic Engineering
NWI-IBI008 6 ec Data Mining
NWI-IPC024 3 ec Databases
NWI-I00155 6 ec Design of Embedded Systems
NWI-IBC018 3 ec Discrete Structures
NWI-I00035 6 ec Foundations of Information Systems
NWI-IBC029 3 ec Functional Programming 1
NWI-IBC030 3 ec Functional Programming 2
NWI-IBC015 3 ec Functional Programming for AI
NWI-IPC025 3 ec Hacking in C
NWI-IMC001 6 ec Hardware Security
NWI-I00036 3 ec ICT and Society
NWI-IPC031 6 ec Imperative programming
NWI-I00041 6 ec Information Retrieval
NWI-IBC020 3 ec Information Systems
NWI-IMC037 6 ec Intelligent Systems in Medical Imaging
NWI-IPK001 6 ec Introd. to Formal Reasoning
NWI-IBC023 6 ec Introduction to Cryptography
NWI-ILSBI03 3 ec Introductory Education
NWI-IMI001 6 ec IT in a Different Culture
NWI-IPC002 3 ec Languages and Automata
NWI-IBC037 3 ec Law for Computer Scientists
NWI-IMC006 6 ec Law in Cyberspace
NWI-IMC030 6 ec Machine Learning in Practice
NWI-IMC029 30 ec Master Thesis Computing Science
NWI-IMK007 24 ec Master Thesis Information Sciences
NWI-IMC048 40 ec Master Thesis Math.Foundations of Comp.
NWI-IPC020 3 ec Mathematical Structures
NWI-IPC017 3 ec Matrix Calculation
NWI-IMC046 6 ec Model Checking
NWI-IPC019 3 ec Modeling
NWI-IMC042 6 ec Natural Computing
NWI-IBC022 3 ec Network Security
NWI-IBC021 6 ec Networks and Distributed Systems
NWI-IBC031 3 ec New Devices Lab
NWI-IPI005 6 ec Object Orientation
NWI-IBC019 3 ec Operating Systems
NWI-IBC034 3 ec Operating Systems Security
NWI-IBC039 6 ec Organizing Cyber Security
NWI-IMI003 3 ec Philosophy&Ethics for Comp&Inf.Science
NWI-IBC038 3 ec Privacy and Identity
NWI-I00136 6 ec Privacy Seminar
NWI-IPC006 3 ec Processors
NWI-IBKI102 3 ec Programming for AI - 2
NWI-IBKI101 3 ec Programming for AI -1
NWI-IMC055 6 ec Quantum Processes and Computation
NWI-IPC030 3 ec R&D Project
NWI-IBI010 3 ec Reflection&Vocational Orient.
NWI-IPC023 3 ec Requirements Engineering
NWI-IMC047 15 ec Research Internship
NWI-I00152 3 ec Research Methods (master course)
NWI-IBI007 3 ec Research Methods 1
NWI-IMC044 6 ec Research Seminar Data Science
NWI-IMC045 6 ec Research Seminar Software Science
NWI-IPC021 6 ec Security
NWI-I00153 6 ec Security in Organisations
NWI-IMC053 5 ec Security in Organisations
NWI-IBC026 3 ec Semantics and Correctness
NWI-IMC011 6 ec Semantics and Domain Theory
NWI-IMC049 3 ec Seminar Math.Foundations of Comp.Science
NWI-IMC035 6 ec Software Analysis
NWI-IMI004 6 ec Software Development Entrepreneurship
NWI-IBI001 6 ec Software Engineering
NWI-IMC051 5 ec Software Security
NWI-ISOFSE 6 ec Software Security
NWI-IBC024 3 ec Software Verification
NWI-IMK010 3 ec Syst. Appr. to Inform. and Organization
NWI-IMC021 6 ec System Development Management
NWI-I00110 6 ec Testing Techniques
NWI-IMC010 6 ec Type Theory and Coq